Goosebumps is a project started in July 2017 as a way to bring a fresher & wider take on the minimal sound to London and building events with the very highest quality of music, sound system, visuals and location. 

Beyond this we are a community of friends who learn & grow together with this music, eager to discover new artists & new ways of understanding as well as experiencing music.

Since our foundation we focused our events in the UK, hosting gatherings in venues such as Fabric London, FOLD, Oval Space... to name a few and in other cities such as Ibiza and Rome. 

In 5 years we have brought a wide variety of artists:


Melodie, Teluric, Cosmjn, Ada Kaleh, Macarie, Piktor, Romar, Vid, caLLy, Alex Rusu, Vlad Arapasu, Lumieux, Herck, Suolo, Derek, Alsi, Arapu, Giuliano Lomonte, Nu Zau, Sepp, Mihigh, Charlie, Gojnea / G76, Herodot, RQZ, Cristi Cons, Cezar, Vlad Caia, Gescu, Vlf, Julian, Incolor, Abel Soleil, Orli, Sedee, Pirvu, Prichindel, Suciu, CAP, Sublee, Paul K, Zefzeed, SIT, Vadim Oslov, Dragomir, Lizz, Kozo, Andrei Ciubuc, Harry McCana, Voigtmann, Tulbure, Funk E, Maher Daniel alongside our residents A-Bril, AndreeA, Desuba, Oliiver and Timoti and many more local artists based in the UK.